Short Hair Talk


Whether you’ve been wanting to cut your hair for a while or you’ve already cut it but no stylist has seemed to get it quite right, communicating what you want is key and that is what this post is all about. My cut would be described as an undercut across the board, but the term "pixie" can be controversial as some beli


  1. Posted by throwingcheese24, — Reply

    I was going to do that (Shave off the under bit of my hair) bc it’s really thick, but I Realized, if you did do that, once that hair grows back, and you want to put it in a ponytailed something, it would look really weird

  2. Posted by gauthierwalker, — Reply

    How does one get texture to thier hair like that? I feel like i have the same length with my undercut, but I've tried a straightner and curling iron to by hair to get texture with no avail.

  3. Posted by missthang111, — Reply

    This is the famous pixie @sarah_louwho... check out her Instagram page!!

  4. Posted by gabem1028, — Reply

    Porque te quieres cortar el pelo como hombre? 😂😂 @giovisramirez07

  5. Posted by bbrager12, — Reply

    Igt can i sneek to your house so you can cut my hair like that ?

  6. Posted by pattnaikakshita99, — Reply

    She looks like emilia clarke

  7. Posted by xxz0mb13_wr3nxx, — Reply

    OK but they're really pretty

  8. Posted by kmschief, — Reply

    Really love this

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